Victory Day NYC


75 YEARS Celebration since the Victory of World War II

Saturday May 9, 2020 1:00PM – 7:00PM

Location: Brighton Beach & Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


No Auto Runs, No Moto Runs!
Any Unauthorized parade fashion in the name of celebration is
NOT supported by founders, organizers, and affiliates of Victory Day NYC. 

The auto/moto parades can only occur if approved by permit from New York City agencies. This year (like the previous) there will be no driving of any kind in the name of the celebration.

May 9th, 2020 – Park & Walk event

Dress Your Cars, Dress Your Bikes, Enjoy the Performances, Music, and the Company of Friends.

As always, to kill the rumors and political filled non-sense; the founders and organizers of this event was never for profit; no payments of any kind was ever taken and will never be accepted from anyone. This is a historical celebration and not a profit target event! Not sponsored by any political individual nor any government. This was always and will remain a FREE and OPEN TO PUBLIC event. Anyone seeking payments for this event shall be reported to local law enforcement agencies.

We strongly encourage to refrain from any form of driving that can cause unsafe pedestrian traffic, disturbance of the public peace, and any vehicular traffic operations. 
All violators will be prosecuted to the extent permissible by law.

The auto/moto parade runs that were conducted in the previous years were organized, approved by local law enforcement, and safe. Until various individuals took matter in their own hands (on multiple occasions) and attempted to recreate unsafe auto parades that resulted in arrests, complaints, and driving violations.

Please stay away and do not attempt to recreate any driving parades!!!

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